epic coffee time:The Second Cup

The History of Epic Coffee Time

Way back in the early 1990s, there was a group of friends that spent a good deal of time drinking coffee and thinking that they knew everything.

Life got in the way - especially as these 12-step cases got their shit together - and they seemed to find less and less time to hang out.

And then, almost in a jokey way, the weekly gathering quit happening. "Call me!" Steve yelled out the car window. "You betcha, " returned Dave - knowing full well no one was calling anyone.

Over the ensuing years, people moved and moved on. New friends came and went, and Steve continued to not call Dave.

Then, in 2012, Dave finally returned the call. Steve knew it was not good simply because of the call.

"I've got 'The Cancer.'"

It was basically a "wake-up" call.

Dave suggested they get together like the 'Old Days' - for coffee. And so they did.

By this time, the group was Dave, Steve, James, and Dan. A few other friends joined in on that first night of renewal. For all appearances, that was that.

Someone said they had a good time. Another said they should do this again. A third decided that a regular celebration of life would be good therapy for everyone.

But Dave knew how this played out. So he told them that was a great idea...and waited for nothing to happen ever again.

Dave was wrong.

Not only did the group meet the following week, they convened again and again. Dan had the crazy idea of filming it. "So we have a video record of our friend when he's gone." (What he really meant was so he could work on his stand-up aspirations in a multi-task fashion.)

Now, almost a year later, the friends continue to meet. Week after week. They started raising money for Dave, then expanded to other Cancer Warriors. They decided the best way to celebrate life was to hang out and pay it forward.

And so we continue in 2014. We ask that you grab a cup and join us on Wednesday nights. We also ask that you visit our Donation Page - Fade to Black - and help us help each other. And you.